L.A.M.A. Empire State, NY

We are proud to have L.A.M.A. Empire State, NY on board with us to help raise funds for the Hudson Valley Latino Scholarship Fund.

The LATIN AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION (L.A.M.A.) is  one of the largest and most respected family-oriented motorcycle organizations in the world!  L.A.M.A. members, from across the globe, including the U.S.A., Mexico, Central America, South America, the Carribean, Hawaii, Europe, Germany, Egypt, and the Phillipines, are regarded by the rest of the biker world as true practitioners of the biker code and brotherhood.  They are very dedicated to the growth and success of L.A.M.A. wherever they are!

The L.A.M.A. Empire State, NY Chapter represents the Hudson Valley Region.  Their members span from the Bronx to Hyde Park, NY.  They accept members from all walks of life no matter their race, sex, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, etc.

For information regarding L.A.M.A. Empire’s upcoming events, rides, etc. you can request to be added to their mailing list and/or check out their Facebook page at:

Contact: Eddie “Blanco”